10 Tips How to Choose the Best Embroidery Tools Materials

embroidery materials

If you want to start embroidering, the first step to do is to buy the embroidery tools and embroidery materials . Additionally, embroidery accessories would be required too. Learn from the following tips about embroidery tools and embroidery materials.

1. How to choose the appropriate needle.

How to choose the appropriate needleNeedle is one of the mainembroidery tools. Like all the othersembroidery toolsandembroidery materials, it has a great variety of choices. Needles can be of different sizes depending of their purpose. For example, there are four types of embroidery needles used for goldwork embroidery. Size 10 with long eye and sharp point, which is a standard needle is used for goldwork embroidery. Beading needle is short and has a sharp point. There are also curved quilting needles which are used for the sewing of threads at the back of the work. The may be of several different sizes, starting from 2 inches. Chenille needle is a large one which is used for stitching the ends of the threads to the back of the work.


2. What is thimble and how it is used.

What is thimble and how it is usedThimble belongs to thoseembroidery toolswhich facilitate work. It looks like a small cup and is worn on the finger in the process of embroidering to protect it while pushing the needle in the canvas.

3. Tape measure.

Tape measure
This is one of theembroidery tools that is used for measurement. In other words, a ruler that can be made from different materials plastic, cloth, metal strip or fiber glass whatever is more convenient for you.

4. Learn to differentiate threads.

differentiate threadsThreads are indispensibleembroidery tools.There are so many types of threads on the market. You should be familiar with the most popular ones. There are threads for machine embroidery, metallic embroidery, mountmellick embroidery and black embroidery. Threads for metallic embroidery are shiny and highlight the pattern.

5. What is stiletto?

Stiletto is an embroidery tool used for stitching and goldwork. Its purpose is to make holes in the fabric so that the needle could easier go through the fabric.

6. Embroidery punching.

This is a simple and exciting type of embroidery which can be compared to coloring with crayons. You just need a punch needle. Take it and punch the threads or yarn into a woven fabric. An amazing combination can be created in a few minutes. Just use your imagination!

7. Different fabrics.

Different fabricsHow to choose a correct fabric. Embroidery fabric should be chosen depending on the weight of your project and thread, and the type of stitching. Its strength and durability should be checked accordingly and carefully before buying.

8. Cleaning supplies.

Those are mostly after-embroidery tools if you like. To clean your masterpieces you may need liquid soap which designed especially for this purpose. It could be, for example, Treasure Wash or Fabric Care.

9. Theembroidery accessories.

Theembroidery accessories.Sewing totes, boxes and baskets belong to embroidery accessories.Some other embroidery accessories are hoops and frames. Make the finishing touch designing your work!

10. The main criteria of choosingembroidery materials.

embroidery materialsIf taken into consideration all the foregoing information, you can see thatembroidery tools should be chosen wisely and thoughtfully. You should consider the price, purpose and reliability of each item before buying it.

Embroidery tools, embroidery materialsandembroidery accessoriesare necessary to select and purchase before starting creating beautiful embroidery.