10 Steps to Take Before Choosing the Right Yarn for Knitting


Picking yarn for knitting projects is a difficult decision. They are really various: inexpensive wool, silky blends of mohair and silk, pure silk, alpaca, and etc. How to know which one to pick? What should be the main concern?


Get the needles that match gauge or at least close to it. It is impossible toknitwith threadif needle is size 50. Always refer back to a pattern, while choosing gauge. As soon as you choose yarn weights, you will see that the range of thickness varies depending on manufacturers. Many patterns which are available today are written up with a so-called fingering weight and sockthreads. They work for yarn but are not initially made for yarn work. That is why it is harder to block to size or to stay blocked. It happens becauseyarnfor socks has a tighter twist than yarn.


Usual yarnis half as thick as sockyarn. In case yourknittingpattern calls for yarn weight, you should know that it's safer to assume it 1000 meters per 100 g skein.


Yarnknittingis an important part of work, and it is important to select the one you like since you will spend weeks working on your design. Pay attention to quality of the yarn before buying it and starting your project.


You have to use the right fiber toknitthe things you like in goodyarnthat is blocked. Use only good cotton, bamboo, cotton and silk. You can try a combination of different materials that have similar qualities.


DRAPEIn case you are making socks, then you do not need too much drape. If a fabric has drape, it fluffs out or rides up. Silk has the most drape. Bamboo, cotton and animal fibers follow silk. You should take into account what things you wish toknit. If you want a summer scarf or a shawl, you are toknitwithyarnwith drape. Knitting a winter scarf, a sweater or a jacket, you need less drape.

Many people like cashmere clothes. This material in not very strong, it can tangle or break at yarn weights. Merino is the best wool for yarn work, because it has a good staple length. Besides, it blocks easily, doesn’t tangle, pill or break.


Deciding what material to choose, consider how fuzzy it may be. Mohair is the fuzziest. Cashmere is also fuzzy, but it is soft. Usually a person spends much time onknitting,and he/she should know what to choose in order to enjoy a result and display your final work. Try to search for examples of patterns in similar garments.


The choice of color depends on a person who wants toknitand the intentions he/she has. Remember thatthreadsshould match. Match the color of new scarf accordingly if you plan to wear it with your favorite coat.


Though it is not recommended to use bulkyyarnfor baby clothes, but your choice depends on the project and the needles you will use. If you’ve decided to choose super bulkyyarn, check the gauge.


There are no special instructions on whatyarnshould be. Use your judgments and rely on your feelings. The material should be soft and nice. Your favorite color, good material and great quality of yarn will guaranty that you enjoy a result and can proudly wear it in front of your friends or relatives.



There are always instructions on the product package that explain how to take care of it. They tell how to wash, dry and clean the product. Make sure you will cope with it.


It is good when our desires and possibilities match. The price depends on what you want to make, and if it is worth the money you spend.

Many companies produceknittingpatterns with suggested supplies. You do not have to look for all the things on your own. Online websites provide users with such information and have patterns that can be printed right away.