4 Applique Project Ideas For Kids


When making your choice concerning an applique project for kids, you should take into account the ages of children and their individual preferences. There are many different ideas on particular area of your project. You can applique clothes, decorate accessories, personalize kids’ bedrooms and create beautiful pictures. This is a perfect idea to get your kids involved into such design project as it brings them joy and happiness.

FashionDesign For Kids

No matter what clothes you choose, all kinds are suitable for applique project. Usually parents choose kid’s favorite clothes, like sweaters, T-shirts, jeans and skirts, and personalize with patches. Among the most popular things people choose forapplique for kidsare butterflies and bugs, hearts and flowers, favorite pets or cartoon characters.


When you have made up your mind to design your kid’s clothes, you should start with an applique pattern. You can trace a line and cut out the pattern. Place it on the webbing and draw its edges with a pencil. Cut the picture out on the lines.

Place it onto the chosen fabric. When it’s woven, place the cutout in such a way so that the designis cut on the straight grain. Iron the cutout on the fabric and then cut it out. This is how you get a ready-made applique for your garment.

Fashion Design For KidsRemove the backing and then iron into the place. You can stitch the edges with a satin, blanket or zigzag stitch.

There is one more way of crafting kid’s clothing with applique. This is where you use a sewing machine and a computer. Free template resources can supply you with variousappliques for kidslike fruit, vegetables, animals, cartoon characters. They become very helpful, when you don't have much time.

Fashion Design For KidsYou should choose a free pattern, click on it and save it to the desktop on your computer. Click on the file and print a template ofapplique for kids.

Trace your picture onto the rear side of paper with a pencil and cut it out. Hold iron steam over the webbing side and the applique for some seconds. It's important to press around the edges. Use fingers to anchor it. Placeapplique for kidson the clothes you want to accessorize. Cover it with a cloth (a cotton one) and press it with iron. Thread a sewing machine with threads that match the applique for baby.

Your clothing item should be placed under the machine. Zigzag the circumference of your applique for kids.

Turn the clothing inside out and tear the stabilizer away. You get great applique clothesfor baby.

AccessoriesFor Baby

Accessories For BabyKids have many things they never part with headbands, tote bags, notes, etc. You candesignthem, making these things personal and perfect. Tote bags can be appliqued with seashells, sailing boats, fish, and whales. For winter mittens and hats you should choose snowmen, Christmas trees and Santa Claus, snowflakes, etc. Such appliques become a great presentfor babies.


FurnishingDo not set any boundaries! Many parents decorate only clothes and accessories, however what about kids’ rooms? Wgen makingapplique for kids’ cushions cut out mouths, noses and eyes shapes. Sew them on to the front of a child’s cushion and make a smiling face. Add some interesting elements, like eyelashes that are cut from strips. Make fantasy monsters appliqueing three or four eyes.

Create Pictures

Create PicturesEncourage your kids to join the design process. Let them make pictures and wall hangings. Suchappliques for kidsare really special. Buy felt in various colors and make a huge supply ofapplique for kids. They like making garden wall hanging butterflies, flowers and bugs. Cut out different applique shapes and create a huge applique picture. Add cute details, like ribbons, braids and rhinestones.

Makingapplique for kidsclothing and accessories is rewarding and fun. Make your children happier and their things unique.