4 Recommendations on How to Read and Create Crochet Patterns


Crochet is a favorite hobby for many people. It is similar to knitting, and the only difference is that in crochet we use only one needle. Sizes and styles of patterns are different. Much depends on the kind of a stitch. Stitches are picked up once at a time with a needle, hooked at the end.

Old Modern Crochet Patterns

In the 19th century patterns were used in recreation of expensive lace patterns from different countries and places of Europe. In the 20th century cottonpatternsbecame very popular. They amazed people with styles, colors and schemes that were very complex.


Today there are rare and common items, which are made out ofcrochet. Some of them include vests, swimming suits, skirts, blankets, purses, jewelry, boots, and animals. In 1970spatternsturned to be a great business, because they showed natural texture and were inexpensive.

Types of Hooks and Tapestry Techniques

When you are up to decide on the sort ofpatternto use, you should remember that a hook makes a great difference. The sizes vary from 2 to 16mm. Most sophisticated work is created when smallest hook is used. Big hooks are used mainly for coarser mediums yarn and wool. There are also double-ended models of hooks. The edges have different sizes.

The majority of techniques require one hook. In most cases yarn is preferred to threads. It gives a possibility to weave with various colors for making a multicolored vest or quilt.

There are different patterns available on the Internet. Videos and instructions are posted on many websites and make it easy to learn how to make designs and schemas of your own.

Tipson Reading

Tips on ReadingRows and rounds have very different meanings. Rounds are ended by connecting into the first stitch made. When you are reaching the end, you need to turn and go back the other way following the instructions this is called a row.

Instruction indicates when you are to repeat the stitch and a number of times you should do that. While working you should be very careful, read everything, and understand instruction.. An instruction usually indicates next stitch or a number of stitches.

There are symbols that look like a cross - †. It tells you to work the stitches until you get to this symbol and then repeat a stitch one more time. When picking a complicated pattern be ready that you often will meet this symbol. Coming to the end and completing the required stitches, follow the instructions and they will tell how to end.

When you see an * symbol, you should know that the lastschemeis to be repeated. Reading ascheme is an easy thing to do only if you are attentive and follow tips.

Tipson Creating your OwnPattern

Tips on Creating your Own PatternWhen you have good skills in reading the schemes, you can try to make your own. First, you are to decide the item for the future scheme. It can be anything a sweater or an afghan, a cap or a doily.

Second, use a template that will show how to set apattern. Remember that there are lots of software programs, which can help in designing. These programs are usually available on the Internet for free download or at affordable prices.

Crochetthe item and note every time a stitch changes. The notes are made on paper.

Create the 2nd item.

Follow your written schemes and instructions.

Note your errors and correct them on software.

All the patterns are sold on the Internet sites, ,craft stores, and fairs.

If you follow thesetips, you will succeed both in schemes reading and creating your unique design. Thanks to the Internet, you get any pattern you want. Various instructions andtipswill help you to make different things to decorate your clothes and home.