4 Things to Look For in a Sewing Machine


There are so many sewing machines available on the market nowadays, from those which can handle only basic stitches to those which automatically create embroideries in various colours from a picture, and one may not know what sewing machine to pick.

Ask yourself questions, think through basic requirements and set your needs and interests.

If a crafter still wondering what machine to choose or what to look for in asewing machine, he/she should read this article based on sewing machine reviews to make a goodchoice.


1. Established Brand

Though you can buy basic sewing machines for $60-70, you may find that unless you as acrafterwant your machine do some usual repair, you still keep wishing it could do more.

There are a wide range of well-known brands.

One of the advantages of such sewing machines is that they have various accessories, warranties and sometimes tuition.

Janome. This is the world’s largest sewing machines manufacturer. It offers a lot of machines of good quality, overlockers and software an experiencedcrafteras well as a beginner can use. Janome
Brother. Brother sewing machines are of competitive price and include embroidery machines. Their price starts at $80. You are likely to find them in home shopping catalogues and big stores. Brother
Elna. This is a Swiss brand. Elna is the first portable, compact, electricsewing machinethat prides on service, innovation and quality. Elna
Bernina. Bernina had 75th anniversary in 2007. This Swiss company states that their precision is in every Berninasewing machine. Bernina
Singer. This American brand introduced the firstsewing machineand electronic machine in the world. It still provides a vast number or commercial and domestic sewing machines, and is available throughout the world due to catalogue stores.
Toyota. It started producing sewing machines 13 years before automobiles and still, like other Japanese brands, is widely known for a range of features and affordable prices. Toyota
Husqvarna Viking. This Swedish company started producing machines in 1872 and is still user-friendly, innovative and of high quality. Husqvarna Viking

2. Suitability for Fabrics

Suitability for Fabrics

  • Thick fabrics.Everycrafteris aware that denim or fleece requires longer stitches.
  • Delicate fabrics.These require light handling. Check if your machine has a teflon coasted plastic foot. Sometimes it works better on delicate material. Check if you have a special fine needle.
  • Stretch fabrics.These are difficult to maintain. If yourchoiceof asewing machinehas stretch stitches, it will help you to achieve good results.
  • Curtains.Asewing machineshould have a big sewing bed or come with an extension table. This will make the work easier.

3. Weight

You should decide where yoursewing machinewill go: either you have a space for it or it will be used in another area. If you consider the latterchoice, you need yoursewing machineto be light. It is also good if you carry your machine to sewing classes. However, if you plan to do lots of soft furnishing making or upholstery, light machines won’t be good enough.

4. Other Features

  • Auto-thread function.If you thick to buy a machine with this function, you are making the rightchoice. It saves so much time and efforts, especially if your eyesight is poor.
  • Accessories.If you buy yoursewing machinedirectly from a manufacturer, you can make use of all the accessories provided. However, think whether you will need them in the future or not.
  • Carry case.It’s very convenient if asewing machinehas a carry case. In such situations you can take your machine with you whether you are attending a class or in some other cases. Carry case also makes your machine easy to store.