5 Little Crochet Toys



Materials: Cotton crochet cord, 10 g. red, 6 g. of pink, a little light brown hair, hook no. 2; felt a little beige embroidery thread â black and red glue, a little kapok.

Height: 7.5 cm.

Sample: a square of 5 cm = 21 sc x 22 rows

5 Little Crochet Toys


Sheet Metal (rbse): 1st round: In a loop with the end of the wire to 1 ch, 6 sc, 1 sl st in the ch in the beginning. 2nd round: 1 ch, 12 sc (2 st prick. tight in each of st. 1st round). Close chq. round with 1 sl st. 3rd-8th round: Incr. 6 st. tightened chq. round (see drawings) for 48 st. From 9th to 16th round: Make st. tight without inc. From 17th to 23rd round: Dimin. to ea. 6 st. of round flowing together in 2 st. tight. Running, kapok stuffing the head, then tighten the 6 st. the last round.*


Body (red): 1st round: In a loop, to 1 ch, 5 st. tight and close the round with 1 sl st. From 2nd to 8th round: Incr. 5 st. to ea. for 40 st round. 9th round: 40 st. tight. 10e-12e-14e-16e-18e tower: Incr. 1 st. in the end of round (the rounds are not mentioned facts without inc.) From 19th to 20th round: Make 45 st. tight and obreak the wire.

Hat (mullet: Make Around like the Tote and the body starting with a loop. 1st round: 4 st. Tight. 2nd round: 8 st. Tight. 3rd round: 16 st. Tight. 4th-7th round: Auqm . 8 st. chq of round. (48 st. tight). From 8th to 12th round: inc free. Ledge: 1st round: st. fantasy tight, as shown in the drawing. continue in st. tight. 2nd round: Incr . 24st. (= 72 st) 3 round *: Incr. 24st. * (96 st), 4th-7th round: Make round of 96 st.

Mounting: See detailed drawing.


Materials: Cotton crochet â end, 10 g. of pink light, 6 g. of chq. Indian pink and purple rose, a little orange No. 2 hook and a little red felt, embroidery thread â pink and black, 2 black pearls averages, some kapok, glue.

Height: 8.5 cm *


Proceed as for the gardener, but the edge of the hat, a ride of 48 st. tight pattern (see drawing COQUETTE), then T tower 96 br. and finish with 144 br. according to drawing.

Installation: Follow the drawing.


Materials: Cotton crochet end, 10 g. yellow, 6 g. of pink, a little orange hook no. 2; felt a little green, red and white, black embroidery thread, sewing thread white 8 cm white lace, glue.

Height: 9.5 cm.


In this Tote and the body, see a PRETTY.

Cap: In a loop, to 6 st. tight. Close round. 2nd round: 12 st. tight. From 3rd to 16th round: Make in round inc. a peers all rounds 4 m., for 40 st. tight. 17th to 18th round: Make without inc.

Editing: Finish according to drawing.


Materials: Cotton crochet end, 6 g ea. dark purple, beige and white hook No. 2, a little white felt, embroidery thread red and black, a little kapok, glue.

Height: 7 cm.


Sheet Metal and body as PRETTY. Mounting: See detailed drawing.


Materials: Cotton crochet end, 10 g. rosé, 6 g. ea of ??light blue and dark blue, some orange felt a little dark orange and light green embroidery thread pink, black and light green, 2 black pearls averages, some kapok, glue, hook no. 2.

Height: 8 cm.

Sample: 5 cm2 = 21 st. x 22 rows.

Running Body (light blue): Start at the neck with a loop with the wire end. Round 1: 5 st. tight. All tours start at 1 ch and are closed by 1 sl st. 2nd round: 10 st. tight. From 3rd to 9th round: Incr. â chq. 5 st. tight, as shown in the drawing, for 45 st. From 10th to 19th round: Continue to Make round without inc. 20th round: Make round of 22 st. to a leg. 21st round: Dimin. 7 and 1 st. as shown in the drawing. Make the second leg the same.

Arm (pink): In a loop, to 7 st. tight. Make round. Incr. 7 st. tightened to the next round and continue in the round on 14 st. tight obtained for 7 rounds.

Hat (dark blue): In a loop, to 4 st. tight. 2nd round: 8 st. tight. 3rd round: 16 st. tight. 4th-7th round: Incr. 8 st. to ea. turn. Edge: Make a tower br. relief (see drawing), then br. (Prick 2 br. Chq on. 2nd br. Relief), as shown in the drawing, and finish with a tour of st. tight.

Mounting: See detailed drawing.

5 Little Crochet Toys

5 Little Crochet Toys