5 Tips On Decorating Clothing With Applique


Decorating clothes is a modern way to make things look stylish. The process requires fabric scraps and special equipment.

Applique is a French word that has been used for 2,500 years. Today this word refers to different types of patchwork, regardless of country and origin. In Egyptapplique was used to attach different markings. In Japan it was applied onto clothes . Finally, in 1700s this technique was brought to the USA.

Supplies Instructions

The supplies can be kept in a kit. All supplies should be in convenient spot that you could work when you have a free time. A kit can have storage areas and pockets that help to keep the supplies andpatternsseparated. You also need a marking pencil and a black marker.


Trace a design onto paper, but remember that images will be reversed. Cut out a design, leaving space outside the drown line. Remove backing paper and place pieces onto the material. Then, press to fuse thepattern.

Applique Stitches

There are several known methods: a zigzag stitch, blanket or decorative stitch. If you choose a zigzag stitch, remember that it catches both materials that are sewn together. A blanket stitch is also widely used. This stitch requires contrasting and complementary colors of an embroidery thread. It is a decorative one and it forms a loop with a thread and catches a stitch in lines along a seam.

No matter what stitch you choose, keep it even. It will result in a professional look.

Decorating With SilkApplique

Clotheswith silkappliquesbecame very popular. Thepatternscan be sewn or ironed onto a fabric. As silk gives an elegant look, it can decorate T-shirts, jeans, jackets and babyclothes.

You can choose anapplique that shows your favorite hobby, an episode from a cartoon, or a movie. Place it in the center of a shirt and attach at points. This decoration can become a part of a creative project.

Jeans can also be personalized by attaching anapplique to a pocket. It can become a good way of covering tears or rips in old jeans. Apatterncan be ironed or sewed on over a hole.

As many people today are buying things from second-had stores, they can give them a new life. People often choose different scene designs on the back of jackets.


Any parent can create amazing clothing for a child. Applique patterns are made from rather simple designs like coloring book drawings, cookie cutters, etc. The best fabrics are cotton and cotton blend woven, because they do not stretch during hand or machine stitching. The material is not heavy and the drawings can be easily applied.

Knitting anApplique

Crochet applique

The best knitted design is a ladybug or a flower. Knitting adds color and texture. The first thing you should do is to choose a design you are going to knit. If you choose flowers:

Cast on 5 stitches, slip a stitch, knit three and turn. The rest of the stitches should be left unworked.

Purl 3 and then turn, leave the rest of stitches. Knit 3 and turn, leave the rest, then purl 3 again and turn.

Knit four and turn, purl two stitches together, purl one, purl two together and make three stitches. Turn again.

Knit one and two stitches together, pass the first one over the second to reduce a stitch.

Cast on 4 more stitches and repeat from the first step for the number of petals you desire.

The knit is finished by snipping a yarn and passing its end through the last stitch to tie off.

Then, you can thread a needle and run a thread through 2 stitches at the base of petals on the back side.

Pull a thread, creating a shape of a flower.

The advantage of applique decor is that you get a possibility to create your own special design that no one else has. A usual shirt or jeans can become a personalized gift. Creating a semi transparent fabric you make the background similar to the sewn item.