Applique Designs picture Sunset


Step by step instructions and a scheme

We would like to present you a wonderful applique idea: "Sunset". Bright and rich fabric colors make it very expressional. The applique consists of 10 elements. It is enjoyable and simple project. This beautiful applique is suitable both for clothing as well as interior design. You can decorate a blouse, skirt or dress with it. This idea also can be used to make a decorative pillow or a picture on the wall.

You will need:


  • Scissors
  • Thin marker
  • Sewing machine for lock-stitches
  • A needle if you will be making stitches manually


  • It is best to choose a considerably thick fabric (cotton, linen).
  • The colors of fabric: light violet, size: 13”X13” (this is the base), dark violet 12”X6”, dark pink 13”X5”cm, light yellow 8”X7”, deep lilac 6”X4”, dark gray 6”X4”, olive-gray 8”X4”.
  • Special adhesive paper for applique.
  • Threads - gray color is recommended.

Step by step instructions: 9 simple steps.

Appliqué Designs: picture “Sunset”Step 1.Download and print out the applique scheme and the pattern at a 100% scale.


Step 2.Cut out all the elements of the pattern.

Applique is made of 10 elements:

Component 1 - is the background of our composition, color: light purple, 2 - dark pink, 3 - dark purple, 4 and 7 - light yellow (you need to put 2 elements on a 8”X7”piece), 5 - dark purple, 6 - dark gray, and components 8, 9, 10 - olive-gray. All 3 components are placed on a 8”X4”piece of fabric.

Step 3.Iron all the pieces of fabric.

Step 4. Glue adhesive paper to the back side of fabric pieces. Besides our light purple 13”X13” background fabric, we will glue all the other details on this piece of fabric.

Step 5.Put applique pattern elements on the matching pieces of fabric and trace the contour with a special thin fabric marker or a pencil.

Step 6.Carefully cut out all the elements. Attention! For component 1 it is necessary to leave seam allowance of about 0.2”-0.5”.

Step 7.Appliqué pattern assembling.Applique pattern assembling. This is the most important task as the results of your work directly depend on your actions.

Look at the applique pattern. It shows elements and their locations. Now, we take our base - background component 1 - and fix each element on it by removing the protective layer off adhesive paper on the back side of the component.

Here is the order: fix component 3 on top of component 1, then component 2 is placed under 3, component 7 the sun - is glued on the component 2. Excellent! Our sky is finished. Next, we make a road component 4 starting from component 2. Fasten the hills on the right side (components 6 and 5.) The remaining components 8, 9 and 10 are the trees along the road. We will fix them on the left side at the locations specified.

Step 8. To secure glue we will iron our applique through a damp thin piece of cloth.

Step 9. Decorative stitches. To give it volume and shape, the edges of each element should be edged with decorative stitching. This can be done on the sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch. By adjusting the width and length of the stitch you can achieve different visual effects. Choose the color of a decorative seam as you like, gray is recommended.

applique designYou can also edge the elements with decorative stitching by hand. Use any decorative embroidery or blanket stitching.

Final Stage. Decide where you want to use your applique. If you want to put it on the wall, we recommend you take a frame 16”X16” and place the picture in the center on a beige background. Make sure to put decorative trim around applique edges. You can decorate a pillow or bag. Another option is to apply it to blouse, skirt or dress.

Finally, your wonderful applique work is finished. Start to imagine your next an exclusive applique design.