Beaded Earrings


Beaded Earrings are wonderful accessories that you can make yourself. To make beaded earrings, you need beads, wire, and a hook for the earrings. Depending on their type, earrings may look like tatted linen or fringe. Earrings may also be made in the shape of flowers, leaves, twigs, animals, fairy-tale characters, etc. Furthermore, we are going to describe a few patterns of tatting beaded earrings.

Beaded Earrings “Flowers”Beaded Earrings “Flowers”

To tat 1 earring from beads, we are going to need 5 transparent beads of dark red color, 5 beads of dark yellow color, and 1 pearl bead for the flower center. 50 white or pink beads of color are needed for the petals.


Sequence of work

1. Take a thin wire and alternatively string red and yellow beads on it.

2. Join the beads in a circle. To do this, pass both wire ends through the pearl bead and pull out the wire ends through any yellow bead.

3. Shape the flower petals. String 10 white beads on 2 ends of the wire. Pull out the wire ends to the left, through the same yellow and the next red and yellow beads.

4. Continue tatting the flower petals as described in the paragraph 3. The total number of petals is 5.

5. When all the petals are completed, fix the hook for the earrings on the opposite side of the flower.

6. Repeat paragraphs 1-6 to tat another earring. Now our Beaded Earrings “Flowers” are finished.

Beaded Earrings “Tenderness”Beaded Earrings “Tenderness”

To make 1 earring, we are going to need 61 pearl beads of white color, 32 beads of golden color, and 6 pieces of transparent bugle beads. Beaded earrings are tatted using parallel tatting.

Sequence of work

1. Take a thin wire of copper color. String 1 bead of golden color in the middle.

2. String white beads on each end of the wire.

3. Pass both ends of the wire through bugle beads and a golden bead.

4. String 2 white beads on each end of the wire 1 golden bead 2 white beads.

5. Pass both ends of the wire through the golden bead.

6. String 2 white beads on each end of the wire 1 golden bead 2 white beads.

7. Pass both ends of the wire through 1 golden bead 1 bugle bead 1 golden bead. Turn down both ends of the wire to prevent the beads from scattering.

8. Go on tatting the central part of the motif in the place that joins with the 1stpart, which is already made (paragraphs 1-4), according to the pattern. Pass the left end of the wire through the beads of the previous part.

9. Tat the last 3rdpart of the earring.

10. String 2 white and 3 golden beads on each of the 2 ends in the central part of the earring.

11. Pass the wire ends, going out of the 1stand the 3rdparts, respectively from the right and left sides through 3 golden beads, already strung on the ends of wire of the central part.

12. Pass through the white bead 6 ends of the wire, going out, and fix a decorative earring fastener.

The other earring is tatted in the same way. When everything is finished, the beaded earrings “Tenderness” may be tried on.

Beaded Earrings MarineBeaded Earrings Marine

These beaded earrings are made in a 4-color palette (dark purple, dark blue, light blue, and white). For 1 earring, we are going to need dark purple (DP) beads 50 pieces, dark blue (DB) 36 pieces, light blue (LB) 32 pieces and white (W) 4 pieces. The method of tatting is parallel.

1. Take a long thin wire. String 1 DB bead in the middle of the wire.

2. Next string, using parallel tatting according to the pattern. Every next row is wider than the previous one for 1 bead, i.e. row 1 1DP, row 2 2DP, row 3 1DP/1DB/1DP, row 4 1DP/2DB/1DP, row 5 1 DP/3DB/1DP, row 6 1DP/ 4DB/1DP, row 7 1 DP/2DB/1 LB/2DB/1DP, row 8 1DP/2DB/2LB/2DB/1DP, row 9 1DP/2DB/3LB/2DB/1DP, row 10 1DP/2DB/4LB/2DB/1DP, row 11 1DP/2DB/2LB/1W/2LB/2DB/1DP, row 12 1DP/2DB/2LB/2W/2LB/2DB/2DP.

3. After row 12, decrease 1 bead in every row. Row13 = row11, row14 = row10, row15 = row9, row16 = row8, row17 = row7, row18 = row 6, row19 = row5, row20 = row4, row21 = row3, row22 = row2, row23 = row1.

4. Tat the basis of the earring: row 24 2DP, row 25 1DP, row 26 2 DP, row 27 1 DP. Finish the work with a hook for earrings.

5. Tat the other earring in the same way as the first one. Our beaded earrings “Marine” are now complete.