Best Quilting Sewing Machines Review


Options you Should Know Before Choosing a Quilting Sewing Machine

Quilting is a perfect way of creative expression in the world of sewing. What do you need for ideal quilting? Just your imagination and high-quality quilting machine to inspire you and help you to realize all your creative ideas. Whether you are an experienced quilter or just a beginner, choosing a quilting sewing machine to suit your taste and demands is crucial.

What kind sewing machine for quilting should you choose, which brand to prefer?


While selecting, consider the following options:

  • Type of machine. There are mechanical or manual, electronic and computerized quilting sewing machines.
  • Desirable size.
  • Functions. The capacity of yourquilting sewing machinewill depend on the variety of features you will find in your sewing machine.
  • Preferable brand.
  • Price. If you are a beginner in quilting, it is better to select a simple quilting sewing machine. With time you can always upgrade your machine if you improve your skills to the point where you need to grow further in your quilting experience.

The right choice of sewing machine brand is also essential for your successful purchase. Luckily, these days we can see a great variety of best sewing machines available on the market. On the other hand, it may complicate our choice to select the right product for you. However, such brands as Pfaff, Bernina and Husqvarna Viking should be mentioned as they are gaining more and more popularity among quilters.

Pfaffquilting sewing machines

Pfaff quilting sewing machinesPfaffquilting sewing machinesare characterized by ease in handling, intelligent technology and variety of diverse functions , for instance, unique antique quilt stitches, Integrated Dual Feed available, which enable to bring your quilting to perfection.

Quilt expression

Quilt expression 4.0 by Pfaff, for example, is a spacious quilting sewing machine with the longest free-arm, bright and clear graphic display and its precision in even fabric feed. High-quality 9 mm stitches can become your preferable choice.

Pfaff Grand Quilter 18.8

Also consider Pfaff Grand Quilter 18.8 with 18 inch arm, automatic stitch regulator, auto needle position, large bobbin capacity and ergonomic handles.


Bernina offers world-known reliability, ease of use, outstanding quality and a great variety of accessories with theirquilting sewing machinesto give you more opportunities to create your masterpieces.

Bernina 820 Quilters EditionBernina 820 Quilters Edition is a complete Sewing and Quilting System and a worthychoice. It presents high-performancefunctionsletting you to push the boundaries of your creativity even further than before.

Bernina offers various product lines like Artista, Aurora, Activa, Bernette. Looking through them you will definitely find the machine that suites your budget and functions.

Husqvarna Viking

Swedish company Husqvarna Viking is also contributing to the development of quilting art offering high qualityquilting sewing machineswith unique functions. Combine colors and patterns, piece and sew with pleasure and ease, for example, with Sapphire 875 Quilt. Among its advantageous features are:

  • extended sewing surface;
  • large Graphic Display where you’ll see the stitch you select at its real size;
  • exclusive Sensor System technology which analyzes fabric thickness and guarantees even feed;
  • more than 100 stunning stitches;
  • Decorative Tapering feature;
  • Sewing Advisor feature.

Husqvarna Viking

As your see the choice of quilting sewing machine nowadays is really rich, so feeling puzzled among such abundance is natural. When looking for the right quilting sewing machine suitable for your creative needs remember to concentrate on sufficient capability, exclusive features, unique functions, affordable price and let your creativity know no boundaries.