Center table - Feast Day - crochet schemes


Supplies: 75 g No.40 cord, steel hook No. 22.

Dmensions: 42 x 76 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.7 cm.

Center table - Feast Day- crochet schemes


1st round: Make ch. 176 ch. Add 7 ch, do one sc in the 15th ch from the hook. Repeat another 21 fs, 7 ch, one sc. on 8th ch of c. base. Cut the thread. 2nd round: Attach the wire to the position shown and work circles around the bar. Repeat *1 br. Chq sc on the previous row *, 7 ch. Always replace the 1st dc. Tower by the 3 ch. 3rd round: 8 sc. in chq arc. 4th round: Repeat 7 br., 2 ch. 5th round: Repeat *1 dc, 5 ch, 1 br., 4 ch, 1 br. * On the straight portions of the oval. For rounding to 4 arc. of 7 ch (instead of 5 ch). 6th round: Begin with 9 br pineapple in chq arc. of 4 ch. 7th -14th round: Run a 1st series with pineapple arc. 3 ch, one sc. Respect for the drawing sheets made of br. between pineapple. 15th round: sc with 6 forward and start a 2nd series of pineapple. From 16th to 36th round: Follow the drawing. 37th round: Circle the work of arc, 10 ch, one sc.


Center table - Feast Day- crochet schemes

Center table - Feast Day- crochet schemes