Center table - Frui - crochet patterns


Supplies: 45 g of white cord No. 40, No. 22 steel hook.

Dimensions: 51 x 40 cm

Sample: 1ring 1 br. = 0.7 cm.

Center table  Fruit  crochet patterns


Centre: Start at the bottom right corner of the drawing and make 4 pineapple in the center rows return as follows: 1 row: 4 ch, 1 br. in the 4th ch from hook, 3 ch, 2 br. in the same ch. Turn the work and move with me 2. until the middle of the arc of the previous row. In the bow, to 3 ch (instead of the 1st br.'s rg) and 1 br., 2 ch, 2 br. In 1ch, 2 br., 2 ch, 2 br. 3rd round turn and move forward with rg sc. From 2 to 3 st. aloft, 1 br .,2 sts. aloft, 2 br, 2 ch, 1 br in the ch of previous row, 1 shell of ch, 2 br., 2 ch, 2 dc. Round 4: Always feed with 2, then make one shell 2 ch, and on the last row of br 1 br., 3 st. aloft, 1 br., 2 ch, 1 shell. 5th row: Continue shells the edges and in the middle of the book, starting with 9 double pineapple br. stitched in the arc of 3 ch. 6th 8th round: Continue pineapple in the middle with 9 double br. separated by 1 ch and arc. 4 st. aloft, 1 sc 9th round: Finish the row with 1 shell 2 br., 2 st. aloft, 2 br . 2 ch. 2 br. 10th round: Begin with one shell expanded by drawing the base of the pineapple. 11th - 38th round: Continue previous st starting pineapple. 40th round: make shells.


Oval border:

1st round. Surrounding the center consists of four repeating pineapple, 1 br., 2 ch, 1 br. Stuck in the same place, 3 st. aloft, 1 sc, 3 ch. Two opposite corners are made with 4 groups according to th drawing. Make br from 2nd to 4th round shells with bow of ch. From 5th to10 round Alternate pineapple shells. 11th - 15th round: Make fans between the shells. 16th-18th round: Shells. 19th round: Complete work with shells 3 br, 2 ch, 1 picot of 3 st. aloft and 1 ch, 3 br., 3 ch, 1 dc, 3 ch.

Center table  Fruit  crochet patterns