Leather cover for children's textbook crafts from natural materials

Kids crafts from natural materials-leather cover for textbook

What you need to crafts:

1. A piece of skin

2. scissors, ruler, sharp paring knife, glue, needle and thread

How do you make crafts:

1. Discuss the general form of crafts

2. Cut the skin for a cover, the height size of the textbook and the width plus 20 cm.

3. Cut a thin strip of skin (3 mm)

4. Thread the strip through the spine of the book

5. Book wrap blank cover and tie a strip of skin from the outside

6. Cut the skin of another strip of a width of 1-1.5 cm and a length of 30-40 cm (depending on its size) and the stitch to the right edge cover

7. folds over the left edge of the cover of a book, and the right to use as a strap attachment