Pencils with the little man for the school children's crafts from wood by September 1,

Kids crafts from wood to 1 September-Pencils with the little man for a school

What you need to crafts:

1. Pencil, plastic tubes and beads, wool threads, metal clip

2. Scissors, pliers

How do you make crafts:

1. Discuss the general form

2. Wrap the threads on the arm and tie in the middle, the ends, leave 10 cm long. (See. Photo crafts)

3. Thread the ends of the bead and the thickest tube (it must be an inner diameter greater than a pencil)

4. In the tube and make the hole Thread the Advanced clip

5. On each side of the tube, the paper clip strung two tubes with a diameter smaller (this hand), bend the clip ends with no sharp angles to the tube does not fall down

6. Cut the thread at the edges and do hairstyle chelovechika

7. Put on the pencil