Cardboard Castle Cardboard children's crafts

Kids crafts from kartona- Cardboard Castle

What you need to crafts:

1. Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes from toilet paper, cardboard box of milk, colored paper, toothpick

2. Scissors, glue, paint

How do you make crafts:

1. Discuss the general form

2. Glue the two shoe boxes (large and smaller)

3. To the upper (lower box) glue cardboard package with milk

4. 11 cardboard tubes from toilet paper cut out and glue the tower battlements on cartons (see. Photo crafts)

5. From the paper twist cone stuck in it with a toothpick and glue the flag on the package of milk

6. From a rectangular sheet of paper cut out teeth and glue the tower on milk cartons

7. Paint the castle at its discretion