Rings and pendants made of paper crafts for children bellows made of cardboard

Hack can decorate for comic or dramatic performance

Objects and materials needed to crafts:

1. Color paper or old glossy magazines, cardboard, thread

2. Scissors, glue

Proceed as follows:

1. cut paper long strips (width of not more than 0.5 mm), if necessary, glue a few

2. strips accordion fold

3. For the ring: an accordion fold finished in a circle (the size of the baby finger) and glue the ends

4. For the pendant; a) Cut a circle out of cardboard; b) Glue several harmonicas in a circle, taking into account the diameter of the cardboard circle; c) Attach several round bellows on a cardboard circle (see. photo crafts); d) Make a hole in the circle for the thread that would be worn around the neck crafts