Horse of disposable cups etskie crafts from plastic bottles and dishes

Kids crafts from plastic bottles and dishes - Horse of disposable cups

What You Need:

1.Plastikovye eyes, disposable cups, cardboard tubes, rubber gaskets, ropes and yarns

2. Glue and scissors, paint

What You Do:

1. Discuss the general form

2. Two glasses cut the bottom and glue them on the part of the circumcision (it is the horse's body)

3. From the thin cardboard tubes cut into ten segments (this is part of the tail, neck, legs)

4. From the whole jar has a muzzle can be cut along the glass and glue, narrowing it, or leave it as it is

5. Stick to the glass-face ears cut from more than one glass, eyes and yarn (it's mane)

6. It's time to put it all together: to make rope and knot bead on her rubber gasket (it's hoof), then two segments of thin tubes (this leg), make two holes in the housing and horse Thread the rope through them, then again two segments legs and hoof

7. On the hind legs, repeat the same

8. At the back of the horse do the hole and thread a piece of string, then the segment and tail yarn (tail)

9. In the front of the case and also make the hole Thread the rope on which segment (neck) and head

10. Fuf like and all the horse is ready