Sink in the kitchen for dolls crafts out of paper and paperboard

Kids crafts out of paper and cardboard - Sink into the kitchen for a doll

What you need to crafts:

1 carton of fruit, cardboard, plastic lid, spout, aluminum container, carnations clip

2. Scissors, glue

How do you make crafts:

1. Discuss the general form

2. Cut one box, as shown in the figure, cut a hole in the middle so that you could put it in an aluminum container and it does not crashed

3. You can cut from cardboard beautiful surface and glue it

4. Cut the upper part of the dispenser and glue the sink to a crane

5. Cut the cardboard circles slightly larger in diameter than the plastic plugs and attach them to the surface with the help of cloves clips (this will tap turntables), then glue the cardboard caps themselves, now they will flail