Submarine 171Schuka187 from plastic bottles crafts for children

Children podelki- submarine "Pike" from plastic bottles

What you need to crafts:

1. Plastic bottles, containers of spray cork

2. scissors and hot glue, paint in balonchike

How do you make crafts:

1. Discuss the general form

2 .. Find the right mind for plastic containers (body- soda, rubka- spray for washing windows)

3. Cut off from the banks of the spray desired piece and glue the bottle to the main

4. Cut out of cardboard or other bottles propeller and impaling him on the neck of the basic bottle, then tighten the cap, thereby fixing screw

5. Attach a suitable plastic plugs on the main bottle between the wheelhouse and the screw on the cabin and the bow of the boat

6. Paint paint from balonchika

7. Paint markings