Santa Claus from cardboard tube baby crafts winter, new year

Excellent hack for the new year, Santa Claus from cardboard tubes from toilet paper

Objects and materials needed to crafts:

1. Cardboard tube, colored paper, wadding

2. Scissors, glue, paint and markers

Proceed as follows:

1. Draw the face of Santa Claus

2. The remainder of the cardboard tube paint red

3. The red piece of paper obkleyte around the pipe, from the drawn face and tightly crumple free portion, forming cap

4. Twist the red paper to form the arms and glue them to the pipe

5. From the wool forming elements: bumbonchik to cap edging cap, hair, beard, mustache, edging to sleeves, buttons and fur edging

6. Glue into place, see photo crafts

7. From the green paper twist the bag with gifts