Toy on LKU - Santa Claus hack for children winter, new year

Santa Claus from bumps and thread, interesting hack in the winter season

For this we need:

1. Cone, woolen thread, a ping-pong table, a small children's socks

2. Scissors, glue and markers

Proceed as follows:

1. From baby socks cut the front part of this cover, you can also tie the thread of

2. Wool yarn is wound on two fingers, bandaging the middle and cut around the edges, thus forming a pompom to the cap, which is on the tip sew

3. The ball ping-pong - a head on her stick cap, three fingers wrap nitki- this beard, stick it on the ball, as in the photo crafts, felt-tip pen Doris features

4. Break off the bottom of the cone and stick to this place ready to head Santa Claus