hull of children's crafts wooden bars in the new year, winter

Objects and materials needed to crafts:

1. Wooden sticks, fluffy green wire, lollipop, cardboard, clothespin

2. Scissors, glue, drill and drill, paint and markers, saw

Proceed as follows:

1. The first hack: Herringbone. Napilit brusochkov different lengths. Drill a hole in the center and at the edges. Of the two bars make the base, cementing them crosswise. To attach the base wire. Stringing thread (bars). Cardboard cut out and glue the star at the tip of the wire. In the holes on the edges of the bars vetok- insert lollipop.

2. The second hack: Wood. Cut of green cardboard circles of different diameters and draw them off. Glue the circles in the form of the crown of the tree and attach the clothespin as the trunk.