Christmas snowmen children crafts for the new year from the thread and cardboard

Needed for crafts items:

1. Balls of woolen threads, cardboard, plastic eyes, twigs, cardboard tubes from toilet paper, ribbons, buttons

2. scissors, glue, markers, thread

Your actions:

1. The first hack: snowman from the coils. 3 Connect the coil of thread (you can pierce through the spokes of the on). With thread, attach buttons. Plug the branches as limbs. Tie the ribbon as scarf and hat put a toy

2. The second hack: snowman puzzle. Paint on cardboard crafts (as shown) and cut. Razrisuy a snowman. This hack can be used as a lock on a bag with Christmas gifts

3. The third hack: snowman out of a cardboard tube. Cut out of colored paper nose, circles (mouth) and kokoshnik, glue the cardboard tube on (see. Photo crafts). Glue plastic eyes and ribbon as scarf