New otkrytka- obmny snowman crafts baby winter, new year

Crafts from cardboard and paper, 3D card

Objects and materials needed to crafts:

1. Color cardboard and paper

2. Scissors, glue, stapler

Proceed as follows:

1. Draw two circles patterns, different sizes

2. templates cut circles out of white paper, 5-7 pieces of each size

3. The sheet of cardboard folded in half, forming a postcard

4. All the following bend in half and stack piles by size

5. Followed stick to each other at the bend, then the extreme to a sheet of cardboard completely (see. Photo crafts), wait for the complete drying

6. Followed Fan to the center and fastened with a stapler in a checkerboard pattern, forming a volume

7. Cut out of colored paper remaining elements: a hat, eyes, carrot, mouth and glue the broom and in its place