Snowman of cardboard tubes for children crafts winter, new year

Snowman of cardboard tubes from toilet paper and tissues

Objects and materials needed to crafts:

1. Fabric, wool threads or old baby socks, cardboard tubes, colored cardboard

2. scissors, glue, markers and paint

Proceed as follows:

1. White paint paint the cardboard tube and wait for the complete drying

2. Riding Hood can be done in two ways: a) take the old children's socks and cut off part of the Finger (socks should be the smallest sizes), and pull on the tube, and b) if you know how to knit, then simply tie

3. From the cut off piece of fabric strip, a thickness of 1-2 cm, it will be scarf

4. Features of "person" and the buttons can be cut out of colored cardboard and glue, or simply draw markers

5. More such crafts can be made of insulation for pipes, using it instead of cardboard tubes