Snegovik- bump skiing children's crafts for the new year from natural materials

Needed for crafts items:

1. Cone, fabric, wood sticks of ice cream, wooden skewers, wire, pompons

2. Scissors, glue, acrylic paint, markers

The sequence of your actions:

1. Paint a lump in white color, wait for complete drying

2. From the wire and pompons makes the headphones and wear on the tip cones

3. From the orange wire do a carrot and stick, paint pens eyes

4. A piece of wire wrap the around the cones to form a limb

5. At the tip of the wooden shpazhek (this ski poles) glue pom-poms, and the other side is attached to the extremities

6. From the piece of fabric makes the scarf, making longitudinal sections along a depth of 2-3 cm and wrap around the cones

7. Ready glue the snowman on wooden sticks on the ice cream (this country)