Crochet bag in a flower style


Adopt the style of the 70s Flower Power with this bag very modern strand A classic it will seduce you with these Fleuré naive. To look a little retro, a little teenager, to adopt without moderation for the summer looks rich in color.


Anchor in the following qualities: Bam-quality boolo, 4 white balls n 0001; quality Fine Metallic 1 skein n 308 fuchsia pink, metal hook No. 6, No. 6 metal hook, 200 x 0.10 cm cord cotton handles, 2 large round buttons in orange colors.

DIMENSIONS: 22 x 15 cm.


Crochet bag in a flower style


Note: the bag and the flower are crocheted with thread made ??in duplicate. The front and back are identical: 1st row: start a chain of base 100 m. air 1 m, 100 m, s. Turn the work. 2nd row: 1 m. air and then ras * 1 crochet. and 1 br * danschaque m.s from previous row. Turn the work. Third row and rows following: 1 m. air and crochet * 1 dc and 1 dc. * clans each m, s. Turn the rg previous work, A10 cm, continue to make the same point but decreases at the beginning of each row for 5 cm as the master pattern and cut the thread.

Flower (fuchsia pink) 1-second rounds: start in a loop with the end of the wire, 1 m. air, 12m. s,. closing let, with 1 sl, The handles: cut the cord cotton 2. Fold each cord 2, then with the white cover with a row of sc Back along the m.s in rochetant 1 row of dc. Close by rg 1 m.c. and cut the thread. To the second loop in the same way.


Sew the front and back of the bag hidden points, stopping the stitching at the seam decreases. With the white wire to a t. of M.S. on the opening of the bag, handles Sew to 5 cm on each side and the top. On the front of the bag, sew a flower hidden points at each end of the handle (see photo illustration). Sew a button in the center of each flower.

Crochet bag in a flower style

Crochet bag in a flower style