Crochet Center table - Etoile du berger


Supplies: 170 g of beige cord. Wool hook 2.

Dimensions: 84 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.9 cm.

Crochet Center table - Etoile du berger

Explanation: Close round of 6 ch. 1st round: To 6 times in this round 1 pt blown 4 br.,

4 st. Up. 2nd rnd: Repeat 2 br. (the 1 br.of each turn being replaced by 3 ch), 2 ch. From 3rd to 13th round: Increase the number of br. according to drawing. 14th round: 3 times 3 br. tog., 6 ch, 1 double br., 6 ch, 1 double br., 6 ch 15th round-18th: Finish the star center to drawing. 19th rnd: With 6 st. cast, return to the middle of the arc, and make previous arc. separated by double br. and blown double br pts. 20th -23rd round; sc, double br., ch, br. and spikes according the pattern. 24th -26 th round: Make br. in the ch, Separated from each other by ch. 27th round: Sweeps 10, 12 and 13 ch blown pts with 4 br. 6 doubles and br. 28th round - sc. 29th round: Start 4 sc, 1 hdc .. 3 br., 3 double br, 3 br., 1 hdc. and continue the drawing. 30th round: br. and double br., each separated by 1 ch. 31st round: sc., hdc, br. and double br. 32nd round: sc. pins and the exact details of which are given in the pattern.


Crochet Center table - Etoile du berger