Crochet Center table - Oval Bloom


Supplies: 70 g No. 40 of cord. No. 22 steel hook

Dimensions: 58 x 13 cm

Sample: 1round of br = 0.7 cm

Crochet Center table  Oval Bloom


1st round. Make a chain of 91 st., Add 3 ch(instead of the 1 br.'s Round), then 1 dc., 1 ch. 2 dc in last st stitched. the chain, and repeat all around the bed. . 5 ch, in the shell 19 ch. 5 st to the base up to the end of left and work on the other side of the oh., the shells being bitten st the same as those found on the other side of the bed. Complete with 5 ch that I was attached with 1 sl st to 1. Beware shell sc in the early laps 2nd-7th round: working in the round shells separated by 5 st. 8th round in the chain Make 3 fs 8 st. aloft amid ea 4 'shell, then rounded to 2 fs 8 chin the middle of the second shell ch. 9th - 29th round: Train 10 with double pineapple and bow br 3 st has the separated from each other by 30th - 42nd shells tower. Make ring in previous round for completing the 2 series of pineapple. Fill the spaces between the pineapples as showing on the drawing.


Crochet Center table  Oval Bloom