Crochet Cushion Jewel


Supplies: Beige 80 g, 50 g of brown. Steel hook No 18 and No 20. 104 cm x 52 cm satin drunk. 550 g of kapok.

Dimension: 42 cm in diameter.


1 row of dc. = 0.6 cm.

Crochet Cushion Jewel

Explanation: The front:

Round 1: Make a loop with the extremity of the fii brown. Trav. with hook N 20, 8 m.8. in the loop. 2nd to 15th round: Trav. with arches and pt. popcorn. From the 16th to 43th round: Change over beige, trav. 6 drawings pineapple. From 44th to 52 th round: Trav. brown with reference to the drawing. 53rd and 54th rounds: In beige, trav. 2 rows of arches. 55th round: every 2 hoops, trav. pt to co-keel with picot bind off shells to itself, and trav. shells still in the arch of the 54th round.


Round 1: Continue to work the 53rd round (the 54th and 56th rounds are driving) in beige, do. arches of 4 ch. 2nd to 16th round: Refer to drawing: 17th to 40th round: Change over brown. Trav. a turn of 23 to 10 m poles. in the air.


Make a chain 1000 m. 2 strands of brown with hook No.18. Fold in half and twist. Make a tassel of 3 cm at each end of the cord.

Claim item in the bag filled with kapok (the bag is of a centimeter larger than the cushion). Tie the cord.

Crochet Cushion Jewel

Crochet Cushion Jewel