Crochet Cushion - Peony


Supplies: No 9 cord 30. Light pink 80 g, 50 g pink. 30 g of dark pink. 10 g peony. 10 g of white. Steel hook No. 20. 50 cm x 47 cm pink cotton for the back of the cushion.

Two 49 cm diameter tissue white cotton top with kapok. 400 g kapok. Zipper 40 cm.

Dimension: 45 cm in diameter.

Crochet Cushion - Peony

Explanation: Trav. motifs pineapple.

Motif No. 1

Looping the yarn end with peony, 10 br. in the loop, closing the loop. Turn the work, repeat 1 br .. 1 m. in the air. From the third round, trav. pineapple with 3 m. in the air, 1 to m.c. an arch. So, trav. 24 motifs. Assemble round 5 patterns, 8 patterns and 11 patterns by the border with dark pink thread.


Motif No. 2

Trav. in dark pink with reference to the drawing, in the same way that the motif No 1. 41 motifs are made; assemble round 11 patterns, 13 patterns and 17 patterns by the border with pink thread.

Motif No. 3

Referring to the drawing, to 46 patterns. Assemble round 21 patterns and 25 patterns by one border row with the pink wire clear.

Motif No. 4

Trav. 27 patterns and assemble round by the edge with the white wire.

Motif No. 5

Trav. 42 motifs the same way as the first pattern. Assemble round by the edge with the white wire.

The background:

Make a chaine 8 st with light pink thread. rr tower: 16 br. in ring (3 st up included from the beginning). 2nd round: Incr. for 32 st 2 br. on each br. the previous round. 3rd round: Crochet 1 dc. on each br. the previous round, 1 m. in the air between the br. 4th tour: Incr. of br. by 2 br. on each of 2 br. the previous round. 5th Tower: Incr. of br. by 2 br. on each of 3 dc. the previous round. So, inc. to 20th round. * From 21st to 39th tour: Incr. 12 br. every turn.


Cutting the fabric to the size indicated and fix the zipper. Fold the fabric around 1 cm in reverse, and machine topstitching.

Superimpose the bottom and place the fabric on the outside and working together 5 ms one centimeter around the tissue with light pink, and the time to assemble the units # 5 at an interval of 2 cm by 4 ms for each pattern. Assemble the motifs No. 4 to the head of the eighth round over the outside thoroughly with clear pink wire. Thus, trav. successively from the drawing layout.

Assemble the motifs No. 1 center of the crochet like a flower.

Crochet Cushion - Peony