Crochet Cushions - Frost



Supplies: 3.5 pel. of crochet thread in white 51 cm x 102 cm satin red and green. 600 g of kapok. Hook No 2.

Crochet Cushions - Frost

Size: 47 cm square.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 1 cm.


Make a c. 8 m. , Close round. 1 * r turn: Make 16 M.S. in the round. The second on lap 22, trav. round, after the drawing.

23rd to 29th round: Attach the wire to 4 locations, trav. back and forth respectively. The 30th to the 43rd round: Trav. still round. To the rear of the cushion, trav. as before. 43rd to turn together with the front of the cushion putting the bag filled with kapok between.


Crochet Cushions - Frost