Crochet Cushions - Sweetness


Supplies: 90 g. ea. cord: A light blue and pale violet to B. N 30. 84 cm x 43 cm Bemberg, a blue A the other pale violet to B. 400 g. kapok for everyone. 4 white buttons for c. cushion of 1,2 cm diameter. Steel hook No. 20.

Dimension: See at pattern.

Crochet Cushions - Sweetness


A - Front: Make a c. 217 m. light blue, (72 hairnets of 1 m.), are referred to in drawing, make of hairnets. The second at 52nd round: each turn make upright and upside down and back without inc. or Sun. 73C in the 53rd round: Sun to c. end.


The back:

Make the same way as before, but the design is not the same. Make drawing symmetrically right and left.

B - Front: Make in pale violet.

The design of front make symmetrically to A cushion, but can make In the same way as A, and turn it upside down, the area considered.

The back of the cushion, make the back of the cushion as A.

Edge to the opening: in reference to the drawing, make to c. Base 3 rows of sc making buttonholes on front, 1 row of dc. cushion for the rear.

Border around the pillow:

Superimpose the front and rear of the cushion area outside the front of the cushion ahead, make 2 rows of edge after the drawing.

Crochet button:

Make a loop with the end of double wire, make round with m. s. After turning the knob in the book, tighten the wire. Make a bag filled with kapok bemberg 2 cm larger than the book.

Assemble with the opening of six fishnet c. side, put the bag filled with kapok in the book, and sew on buttons to finish.

Crochet Cushions - Sweetness

Crochet Cushions - Sweetness

Crochet Cushions - Sweetness