Crochet doily - Cristalline


Round or oval placemats are available in white or pineapple and read arcs describe patterns perfect geometry. The hook invite you for a timeless design. On every occasion icts arise on a table, a table ... Lefestival placemats is endless.

SUPPLIES: Artist Anchor thread, quality Mercer Crochet, 2 balls white No. 20; steel hook No. 1.25.



Round 1 start in a loop formed with the end of the wire, 3 ch to replace the 1st dc., 23 br., close t. by 1 sc 2nd round: 3 ch to replace the 1st dc., 3 ch, go 1 m, 1 ms, repeat 5 fs * 3 m, air, spend 1m. crochet -1 br., 5 ch and 1 br. - in the same m (see diagram), 3 m, air, go 1 m., 1 dc *, 3 m, air, crochet 1 dc. in st. initial (see diagram) and close t, 2 ch and 1 br. stitched in 3rd 3 ch replacing the 1st dc. 3rd round 3 ch to replace the 1st dc. crochet 2 ch, then 4 br. in the same arc, 2 ch, then repeat 5 fs * crochet br -4., 2 ch, 1 br, 2 st br.-air and 4 in the bow, 2 ch * Crochet 4 dc. in initial arc, 2 ch and close t bet mc, 4th to 42nd round: Continue work as shown in the diagram and symbols that accompany it, cut the thread at the end of the 42nd.


Crochet doily - Cristalline

Crochet doily - Cristallinesting in Moille specified by this symbol

Crochet doily - CristallinePassed all 4 brides: make 4 br. Incomplete (leave the last loop on hook).

Flow loops in the last 5 1 fs

Crochet doily - CristallinePassed all five brides: do 5 br. incomplete (leave the last loop on hook). Flow past 6 loops 1 fs

Crochet doily - Cristalline* 1 crochet hook, 3 and 1 air mesh crochet 'in the same mesh

Crochet doily - Cristalline