Crochet patterns of Tablecloth Daffodils


Supplies: 140 g. white cord no. 40; pink canvas - diameter 40 cm; steel hook no.22.

Dimensions: 85 cm in diameter.

Sample: 2 rows of br = 1,1 cm.

Crochet patterns of Tablecloth Daffodils


Motifs: Make 1 ch, add 6 ch (3 ch among the 6 ch are the substitution of a br.), 1 br., 3 ch, 1 br, first ch. We get a small diamond. From 2nd row inc. the number of br each row in the middle of the pattern, and forming a diamond largest in the drawing. Each pattern is made of 11 rows. 2nd pattern is started by attaching the wire to the top of the island row of the previous motif. Repeat the work of 16 motifs by assembling round.


Pineapple design: Attach the wire to each of two joints Argyle and work respectively to the 10th row back and forth. Work round until the end from 11th row. At the end of the 21st row break the wire. Attach the wire to start the 22nd row above the first br of 21st round group of 10 br.

Assembly: Work 1 row. of sl st inside lozenges assembled. Cut the fabric according to the dimensions indicated on the tips bend backwards, superimposed on the structure and fabric of the place assemble slipped pts.

Crochet patterns of Tablecloth Daffodils

Crochet patterns of Tablecloth Daffodils