Crochet Patterns of the Cushion - Romantic


Supplies: 130 g of clear pink drawstring. A little of each: brown, yellow, pink, white,

light green No. 30. Steel hook No. 20. 110 cm x 55 cm white Bemberg. 500 g kapok.

Dimension: 50 cm in diameter.

sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.7 cm.

Crochet Patterns of the Cushion - Romantic


1st to 8th: Make ch. 8 m.

Referring to the drawing, trav. with arches and spikes. From 98th to 23rd round: Refer

drawing. From 24th to 52th round: Trav. arches. The 30th turn is the end of the front and rear of the top of the cushion. At 41st turn, Sun 1 pole every 5 wickets, and 42nd turn, all four arches. At 52nd turn, take a ride with 4 sc in each of the poles. Cut the thread. Place bag filled with kapok in the book; assemble the final round the bag.


Flower and leaf:

The flower in the center. Trav. 7 rows by referring to the drawing: sc of the 5th tower trav. the back of the 2nd round br. folding in 3rd and 4th turns toward you. For other flowers, trav. 1st to 4th around the center of the flower. Trav. folding the sheet 3 and 4 flower towers to itself and attaching the wire to the rear of the 2nd turn. Trav. 5 sheets separately and assembled at the center of the flower.

Assemble the flowers and leaves where indicated.

Crochet Patterns of the Cushion - Romantic