Crochet patterns Summer hats


Crochet patterns : Summer hats

Summer hats are a wonderful summer head pieces that can be crocheted. The delicate shade of the knitted hat’s brims help hide you from the bright sun on a hot sunny day. Furthermore, we will presentcrochet patternsfor summer hats. They will be handy for a summer day and the crocheting can be a fun experience.

Crochet pattern: elegant summer hat

We are going to need 120 g of white synthetic raffia and a crochet #2.

For convenience, let’s divide the hat’scrochet patterninto 3 parts: bottom, openwork side part, and the hat’s brims.


Let’s start by crocheting the bottom.

Cast 6 chains and join them to form a ring. Make 12 double crochets to attach to the created ring. Then, continue crocheting 2 double crochets into each double crochet of the previous row. Continue crocheting the bottom until it reaches 6.5inches in diameter.

cross stitchLet’s move on to the openwork side part of the hat. The length of the hat’s side part is 7 inches. This part consists of 2 kinds of knitting: cross stitch and single crochet stitch. The crocheting of the side part is cross stitch. The 1st cross stitch of the row is made in 3 chains. 1 double crochet into the 3rd stitch of the previous row. Then, cast on 5 chains and make 1 double crochet into the location that joins 3 chains and 1 double crochet.

Then crochet the cross stitches this way:

Summer hat
Make a treble crochet and pull a stitch out of the stitch of the previous row. There are 4 stitches on the crochet now, crochet only 2 of them, then an additional double crochet. Insert the crochet into the 3rd stitch of the previous row and pull out a stitch. Now, there are 5 stitches on the crochet. Crochet every 2 stitches together. When there’s only 1 stitch left on the crochet, make 2 chains and 1 single crochet into the middle of our cross. Crochet 6 rows this way. Then, crochet 4 more rows with single crochets.

Crochet the hat’s brims with double crochets. Make 2 double crochets into every double crochet of the previous row. We will need to crochet 12 rows to get the middle-sized brims.

Flower crochet patternNow let’s decorate our hat. Crochet a chain with chains, approximately 2 yards long. Wind the base of the hat with it. Make a flower. Flowercrochet pattern.

Sew the created flower to the ends of the chain. Wash and starch the hat.

Crochet pattern: a simple summer hat

simple summer hat
For those who prefer simplicity, there’s a simple hat. We are going to need 50 g of cotton threads (size 20) and a crochet 1.5. The hat is crocheted as a spiral with double crochets. For the bottom, join 6 chains in a ring, then make 16 double crochets into the ring. Afterwards, look at the pattern. Crochet with double crochets. Add crochets as mentioned in the pattern.

You need to get a bottom 6.5inches in diameter.

The sides are crocheted with double crochets without increasing for about 4 inches.

Crochet pattern: a simple summer hat
Next, let’s focus on the hat’s brims. Make 2 double crochets into every double crochet of the previous row. The width of the hat’s brims should be approximately 4 inches to let them sit well so that you could shape them as you like. You can take a thin wire and crochet with it the brims’ last row of single crochets. This hat can be worn with a brooch fixed at the side. The hat can be also adorned with a colorful scarf, wrapped around the base of the brim.

We hope that thecrochet patternswe shared will be useful, and will help you create wonderful crocheted summer hats.

A wonderful needlework !