Crochet Rug - Fans


Supplies: 60 g of white cord, blue cord 30 g n 30. No. 20 steel hook.

Dimensions: Refer to the drawing of the finished work.

A design was 7 cm on a side in a fan shape.

Crochet Rug  Fans


Motif: Work in rows round - trip. 1st round: Make chain of 6 st., close the round. Start with 3 ch, make 4 dc. in round. 2nd round: Start 4 ch (and on every rows for 1 double br.) 2. doubles ds., br 1 br.'s in the prev. round 4 st. up, 1 double br of 1st Prev. round, and work. across symmetrically to work newly made. Row 3rd: In the middle, making 2 of 1 double doubles br of br.'s prev. round and next doubles br ea., to 6 ch, also work as prev. round. 4th row: Make 1 double br. doubles on each of the 4 br. prev row of 5 ch, 2 doubles br, 2 stnd: Start 5 ch (so every three rows for 1 br.), 1 triple to br. doubles on all 3 br. Prev of row, 3 ch. 1 pt br blown 3 triples. closed by 1 br. (refer to drawing), 4 m. aloft, skip 1 double br., and 2 ch, do 3 triple br. 1 on double br of up round, work symmetrically on the other side. 6th row: Make 3 triples br. 6 triples on each br. middle and elsewhere work since the 4th row. 7th row: Make 3 fs 6 triples br. tog. topped and a br., also refer to the drawing. 8th row: Work doubles br and m. aloft by referring to the drawing. 9th row: Make 1 double br. m on each. Prev. Rep. of round. the even work above in the other half of the round early.



From 2 pattern assemble chq. End of the spectrum on the grounds prev by sl st Assemble 8 patterns in width. Starting 9th pattern, connect the grounds already assembled in the row in assembling 9th chq end of the fan. Assemble and 2 rows of 8 patterns.

Filling: Work blue in rows round - trip. Fill between fans with arc determined by 1 sc Attach the wire to the position shown, work of arc. 9 ch. Assemble the ground by one sc to chq chq of round. end after either ch, either br. (They do give points to the ground). After completing the 8th round, 2 yo do on the hook, 1 dc., Leaving the other threw the hook, 1 sc in the round pattern, then complete 1 br. Thrown with that was left and so forth, filling all the spaces between the motifs. filling half a diamond ea. tip: Make ch. 10st., close the round. Referring to the drawing, rep. 4 fs. 1 dc, 1 dc sextuple. quintuple or 1 br. upon the head of the 9th row of the pattern 1 ms, 14 ch, attached to the position indicated by 1 sl st, 2 m. up , attach with 1 sl st in the same place on the other side of Motif, 14 ch. 1 sc, rep. 4 fs 1 dc, 1 dc sextuple. quintuple or 1 br. upon the head of 9 round opposite pattern. Cut the thread. Fill a small diamond: Make ch. 12 st., close the round Referring to the drawing, work the same way as for the half-diamonds chq. end.


Install 23 ea blue fringes. side. Make a fringe of 20 cm. 10 and son climb! was bending double. Point 3 triple blown br. closed by 1 br. First, make 4 thrown on the hook and pass 3 fs 2 by 2 like to make a double br. leaving a cast on the hook, 3 yo, pass 3 fs. Ans. still the same trav fs. Then close br 3 triples. incomplete on the hook, then drain 2 by 2 heads loops that are on the hook with the jerk who was always left on the hook.

Crochet Rug  FansCrochet Rug  Fans

Crochet Rug  Fans