Crochet schemes of Cushions - Butterflies


Supplies: 75 g wire crochet twist light collar white. 74 cm x 38 cm crimson velvet (and dark green). Hook No 2.

Dimension: side: 36 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.8 cm. 1 row of double br. = 1 cm.

Crochet schemes of Cushions - Butterflies


Flower motif.

Make a chain 10 st, close round.24 sc in the round, and all three sc do 1 picot of 3 ch. From 2nd to 10th round make st as at the drawing.

Butterfly motif.

Start with the body. Make a chain of 15 st, make 1 picot 3 ch, 1 ch, 1 picot 3 ch, and then each of st. basic make br. Make one side of the flange back and forth and to the hoops 5 ch around the wing. Make the other side of the wing. From the second butterfly motif, assemble at the leading edge of the wing ma, assemble and four butterflies.


Assemble the flower and butterflies with slip st in the air and in the drawing. Make about butterflies and build the structure square.

Attach the wire to the position shown; make the rear of the cushion of mesh in decreasing angles.

Place bag filled with kapok in the book to finish.

Crochet schemes of Cushions - Butterflies