Crochet Table Carpet - Iris


Supplies: 180 g. of white cord no.40; white linen 90 x 300 cm; steel hook no. 22.

Dimensions: 142 cm x 105 cm.

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,5 cm.

Crochet Table Carpet - Iris


Make a chain of 112 st. (triple nets 37 + 1 m.), do until the 57th row referring to the patterns.

From the 58th row. inc. Fishnet one at each end of rows, and make 36 rows, then add 92 nets at each end is 276 hp. and crochet 39 rows. Then let the 92 hp. added on each side. 94th row. continue on st. Sun 1 remaining mesh at each end to reach 37 nets (36 rows) and make 59 rows without inc. nor sun


Make 2 rows on the bed basic pt. blown mesh. Cut the fabric according to the dimensions specified by adding 1.5 cm. for the hem. Overcast. Work 1 row of st. tight on the edges of the fabric to attach the lace st. c. at intervals of 3 st. tight. Hem around the fabric and slid pts to 1 row. of sc the edge of the lace being between tissues. (2 st. fishnet tight in each).

Crochet Table Carpet - Iris

Crochet Table Carpet - Iris