Crochet Table Carpet Pirouette


Supplies: 190 g. of white cord no.40; A little pink, light rosy; steel hook no.22.

Dimensions: 100 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,7 cm.

Crochet Table Carpet Pirouette


Make a chain. 8 ch, close the round, do 20 br. (start with 3 ch) in the first round for the turn. 2nd round: 4 ch *1 double br In 4th br 1st round, 6 ch, 1 double-br. cut to the same place as the first *. Repeat from * to *. 3rd round: 1 ch to rotate, 60 sc 1 sl st. casting. 4th round: * sc, 3 ch, skip 1 st. of previous row, 1 sc *. Repeat across the row 30 times. 5th round: as above. 6th round: begin to make pineapples as showing in the pattern. Start beginning of each row with 3 ch replacing 1 br. The end of each row is by 2 s which enable the first br start on ch of the previous round. Work as showing in the patterns from the 7th round.


Make 30 flowers of each color (pink and light rosy) Overlay pink flower light rosy flower on clear and assemble where indicated 0.

Crochet Table Carpet PirouetteCrochet Table Carpet PirouetteCrochet Table Carpet Pirouette