Crochet Table Center Artichokes Free crochet pattern


Crochet Table Center Artichokes Free crochet pattern

We need next materials: 25 g of white crochet yarn no. 40: 1 ringlet of 5 mm In diameter, crochet hook no, 20 (English no. 4, International no, 1.00).

Measurement of the table center: About З6 cm (14 inches) in diameter.

How to crochet the Table Center Artichokes

1st round. En­velope the ringlet with 16 single crochets.

2nd round. 2 double crochets on each single crochet.

3rd round. 8 times: 4 triple crochets, 9 chains. Finish with 1 arc of 4 chains, 1double triple crochet.


4th round. 2 single crochets, 3 chains, 4 triple crochets, 3 chains (8 times).

5th - 7th round. Triple crochet and arc of chains according to the drawing.

8th round. Макe the bаse of 8 pineapples with 9 triple crochets and between each pineapple: 3 chains, 1single crochet, 1 chains, 1single crochet, 3 chains, 2 triple crochets, 3 chains, 2 triple crochets, 3 chains, 1single crochet, 1 chain, 1single crochet, 3 chains.

9th round: 9 double crochets each separated by 1 chain, 3 chains, 3 groups of 2 triple crochets separated by 2 chains, 3 chains.

10th - 16th round. Finish each pineapple with arc of 5 chains, 1single crochet and make groups of 2 double crochets and chains between the pineapples. At the beginning of the rounds advance on the 1st are with 2 sleep stitches. Begin the 2nd series of pineapples at the 15th round with 7 double crochets.

17th round. Make 13 single crochet above each pineapple of the second series.

18th 23rd round. Groups of 2 double crochets, and chains, then arc of 5 chains.

23rd round. Arc of 5 chains, and above the pineapples of the 2nd series make 1 shell of 2 double crochets, 2 chains, 2 double crochets, then 6 chains, 1 single crochet, 6 chains, 1 shell as before.

24th - 25th round. Arc of 5 chains. Finish each round with 2 chains, 1 double crochet.

26th round. Alternate an arc of 3 chains, 1 picot of 6 chains and a sleep stitch, 3 chains, with a shell of 1 single crochet, 1 chains, 2 double crochets, 1 chain, 1 picot of 6 chains, 1 chain, 2 double crochets, 1 chain, 1single crochet.

Free crochet pattern of Table Center Artichokes

Source: Magic Crochet.

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