Crochet Table Center - BUTTERFLY - schemes


SUPPLIES: 60 g white cord no. 40, steel hook no. 20 (No. 1,00).

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 64cm x 39cm.

SAMPLE: 1 row of br: 0,5 cm.

Crochet Table Center  BUTTERFLY - schemes


Start in the middle of the mat with 232 ch. 1st row: 3ch replaced the 1st investment - br, 3 br, 5 ch, 1 dc in 6th ch from the base chain, 5 ch, jumping 5 st into the st of chain base, 4 br. And 3 empty nets each made of 2 ch, 1 br, 6 br, 2 ch, 7 br, then make empty and full nets according to the schemes. 2nd row: Start with 3 ch, 3 br, 2 fs. :* 3 ch, 1 st. tight on the 3rd st of row in the ch above, 3 ch, 1 br in the br, 3 br, 5 terminated empty, then follow the scheme. 3rd - 65th row: Run all parts black br, as shown in the detail pattern; make increases and decreases depending on the details. Start the other half on the basis of the chain of the first part with the 2nd row.


Table Center Body. 1st row: Make a chain base of 3 ch, do 3 dc. in each of the st. 1st dc. of row is always replaced by 3 ch. 2nd row: 1 st. up, 4 st. tight, tight stitching 3 st in br. Central 4 st. tight. From 3rd to 12th row: Alternate 1 row br and st. tightened to design, quilting always 3 st. in st. For a central effect of ribs, bite dc in back loop of st. tight. From 3rd to 16th row: Dim flowing 3 br ens. to ea. edge. 17th row: 4 br flow. ens. Sew the body to the slot.

Crochet Table Center  BUTTERFLY - schemes