Crochet Table Center Delicacy


Crochet Table Center Delicacy

We need: 20g of crochet yarn no. 40; crochet hook no. 20 (English no. 4, International no. 1,25).

Measurements of the table center Delicacy: About 28 cm (approx. 11 inches) in diameter.

How to crochet the table center Delicacy

Make 7 motifs which are joined with sleep stitches at the last round.

1st round. In a ring of 6 chains, repeat 12 times: 1 triple crochet, 3 chains. The first triple crochet of the round is replaced with 4 chains and the last arc with 1 double crochet.


2nd round. In each arc, make 1 single crochet, 3 chains, 1 single crochet, 4 chains. Finish the round with 1double crochet.

3rd round. 12 times: 1 puff stitch of 5 double triple crochet, 4 chains, 3 picots or 5 chains and a sleep stitch each 4 chains.

4th round. Advance with 6 sleep stitches to the top of the picot of the middle and repeat: 1 single crochet, 2 chains, 1 picot of 4 chains and a sleep stitch, 6 chains, 1 picot as before, 2 chains. Begin from the 2nd motif, at the 4th round instead of the arc of 6 chains, make: 3 chains, 1 sleep stitch in the neighboring motif, 3 chains. Place the motifs according to the pattern, then surround them with 2 rounds of arcs with picots.

Free Pattern of the Crochet Table Center Delicacy

Source: Magic Crochet.

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