Crochet Table Center - Enchantment


Supplies: 50 q No. 40 cord, steel hook No. 22.

Dimensions: 50 x 38 cm.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.7 cm.

Crochet Table Center - Enchantment


Pattern A: Make a loop with the wire end. 1st round 3 st. aloft, 23 br. Within the loop. 2nd round: 24 dc. Round 3: 24 br. Each separated by 1 ch. 4th round: 2 groups of 2 br. each, separated by 2 ch, as shown in the drawing. 3rd ring: work rings in return. Toggle shells 3 double br., 2 ch, 3 double br. scales and 10 doubles and 14 br. 6th row: Make shells and above scales, make double br. each separated by 1 ch. Complete the row by 1 quadruple br. above scales forming the basis of the pineapple, and 9 to 10 ms, separated by 7 ch. 8th row: On the pineapple, repeat from *to * .1 sc on the top of the arc, previous, then the ms between 2 bow, 1 pt scale composed of fancy 2 br., 1 double br., 2 br., 1 sc. on the top of the arc next to 7 ch *. 9th ring: As 7th ring, but expanding shells between pineapple. Starting from the 10th row, work chq pineapple separately Run 7th motif A.


Motif central : '

1st - 4th round: As pattern A. 5th round: sc. 6th round: Arc. 17 ch and one sc. in 2 chq sc. the previous round. Close round by 8 ch and one sextuple br. 7th -19th round: Making arc. of 7 ch, inc. the number of arc of 8th turn. 11th and 15th , replace chq sixth arc, and on lap 19, chq arc, 1 pt of scales 5 br. 20th-21st round: Arc. 8 ch. In lap 21, connecting arc. grounds with A. by 3 st. aloft, 1 sc in the pattern A, 4 ch. 22nd -24th rows: Work return rows in above 5 pineapple chq side of the central motif. 25th to 33rd rows: Finish chq pineapple separately. Repeating the same work from 22nd round across the central pattern.

Edge: Arc. of 7 ch, one sc.

Crochet Table Center - Enchantment

Crochet Table Center - Enchantment