Crochet Table Center Snow White


Supplies: 80 g of white cord No 40 Hook No. 22.

Dimensions: 35 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.7 cm.

Crochet Table Center Snow White


Close a chain of 12 st. round by 1 st. casting and make 24 br. in this round (the 1st br. round of always being replaced by 3 ch). 2nd rnd: Repeat 1 br., 3 ch, spice chq. 2nd br.'s previous round. 3rd round: Repeat 1 br., 3 st. aloft, 1 br. stuck in the same hole, 3 ch. 4th round, A shell 2 br., 3 ch, 2 br., then 3 st. aloft, 1 dc, 3 ch. 5th round: Make shells separated by arches st. according to drawing in the air. 14th round: Begin with 11 dc pineapple between shells and make the pineapple as drawing. 15th round: In the pineapple, make 11 dc. separated by 1 ch. From 16th to 24 round: pineapples are made ??with hoops of 5 st. aloft, 1 sc 25th round: Shells. 26th round: Start your second round of pineapple is like the first. From 27th to 30th round: Begin fans between pineapple with br. separated by 1 st. aloft. 31st round: For fans, repeat 3 br. stitched in the same hole, 2 ch. 32nd -38th round: complete pineapple and fans after drawing.


Crochet Table Center Snow White