Crochet Table mat - Rose des sables


Supplies: 600 g. of white yarn, steel hook no.18.

Dimensions: 118 cm in diameter.

Sample: 1 row of br = 0,5 cm.

Crochet Table mat -Rose des sables


Make chain of 9 st. close the round by 1 sst casting. To 24 br obtained in the round. From 2nd to 56th round: Refer to drawing. After finishing the 56th round cut yarn. Attach the wire back to the position shown, and make until the 116th round. Referring to the drawings and by accurately grid flowers. The 116th row is made as follows: 3 ch, 2 double-br. * 4 ch.1 together, 4 ch determined by 1 sst. casting is 1 picot, 4 ch, 3 double-br. cast together. * Repeat from * to *.


Crochet Table mat -Rose des sables

Crochet Table mat -Rose des sables