Crochet Table set Bohemian Crystal


Supplies For large doily 25 g of white cord, 25 g light green No. 30. For small doily: 20 g of white cord, 20 g. pale green No. 30. Hook No. 20.


Grand mat: 45 cm x 29.5 cm Small doily: 37.5 cm x 27 cm

Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.5 cm.

1 row of doubles - br = 0.7 cm

Crochet Table set Bohemian Crystal


Large Doily

From 1st to 45th row: Make chain of 227 st., Work 45 rows without inc. dlm or alternating 1 row 2 sc, 3 ch with 1 row of 2-br double 9. 3 st fair.


From 1st to 4th round: Work with the green light br dee. arc. Coquillea. From 5th to 13th round: Depending on the design, make pineapple doily.


Make a bed of 182 st in white, work the same way that the large doily or without inc. dim.

Edge: From 1st to 13th round: Making pineapple the same way as the general.

Crochet Table set Bohemian Crystal