Decorative Stitches for Hand Embroidery

Decorative Stitches: a bush

Decorative stitches are widely used for hand embroidery and the decoration of clothes and other fabrics. There is a wide variety of decorative stitches for Hand Embroidery.We will tell you about the most interesting, simple, and difficult seams for Hand Embroidery, which are performed manually with a needle and a thread.Decorative Stitches: running seam with a wave

Decorative Stitches: running seam with a wave

A very simple and lovely seam.First, a running seam has to be constructed.Then, take a thread of a contrasting color or the same color, and entangle the laid stitches.In this stage, the fabric is not getting pierced.The Decorative Stitches running seam with a wave can be carried out in two ways. The first method: the needle should enter each stitch from the top down. The second method: the needle enters the seams, alternating in the top down and bottom-up directions.


Decorative Stitches: backstitch "diamonds"Decorative Stitches: backstitch diamonds

The seam is performed as follows:Pull out the thread from the inside in point 1.Make a straight stitch to point 2.Pull out the thread from the inside to the right side of a fabric at point 3, and do the backstitch to point 2.Again, we pull a thread in point 1 on the right side and make a stitch parallel to the previous one to point 4.Pull the thread out at point 3 and end the stitch at point 4.From point 3, repeat the entire sequence again.If we need to make not only a single, but several chains of diamonds, then from point 3 we need to make a stitch forward, to create an unfinished diamond.We will finalize the diamonds when the second chain row is completed.Make sure all the stitches are straight and of the same size.Before making a seam, you can mark tentative piercing points on the fabric.

Decorative stitches: backstitch rings

Decorative stitches: backstitch "rings"

The seam is performed in two stages. In stage 1, a simple backstitch seam is performed.Then, take a thick decorative thread of a contrasting colorand attach it from the inside under the first stitch of your backstitched seam.Pull it under the stitch to the face of the cloth. Then, you need to pass the thread under each following stitch, rotating the sequence: first, top down and then bottom-up.When you reach the end of the seam, reverse the direction to finalize the rings around the stitches.

Buttonhole decorative stitches

Buttonhole decorative stitches

The Buttonhole stitch is widely used in embroidery and applique work.It is performed in this way:The thread is fixed from the inside and pulled to the face of the cloth.At a distance equal to the stitch width from the piercing point, pull the needle diagonally from the top down through the fabric.The thread always stays under the needle.

Decorative Stitches: "a bush" (Feather stitch)

Decorative Stitches: a bush

One element of this seam is made of three chain stitches. One fragment of a seam is made as follows:Make a regular chain stitch.Then, make a thread loop to the left from the first stitch and pull the needle out at the previous stitch piercing point to create a slanted stitch. After, an outline stitch is made to finish the seam fragment.Next, make a slanted chain stitch to the right, a straight chain stitch, and a chain stitch to the left.Continue the work until the end of a seam.

Decorative Stitches: "triangles"

Decorative Stitches: trianglesThis seam is made of chain stitches with two colors on a thread.First, a high chain stitch is made. Next, two consecutive outline stitches.This sequence should be repeated to the end of the seam.Next, take a thread of a different color and stitch triangles over the first seam.To do this, make two slanted chain stitches joined at the top.

Decorative Stitches: "a braid"

Decorative Stitches: a braid

The seam is used to braid a Hand Embroidery contour.It is created as follows.For convenience, limit the width of the braids with two lines.Stitching direction - left to right.Fasten the thread on the inside.Receding slightly from the beginning to the left, make a slanted stitch.Lead the needle up-down the entire width of the stitch, making a vertical stitch on the inside.Then, lead the thread to the right with another slanted stitch.Next, recede slightly to the left to the piercing point of the first stitch.In this fashion, the entire seam is made.

Now you know about a number of decorative stitches that can be used for Hand Embroidery.Next, we will tell you about other lovely decorative embroidery stitches.