Delicate Crochet Lace Rosace


SUPPLIES: Artist Anchor thread, quality Mercer Crochet, 3 balls white No. 20; steel hook No. 1.25, 1 white tablecloth.

DIMENSIONS: water finia: 90x90 cm.


Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?е

Reason: 1st round: start in a loop with the end of the wire, 6 ch, to replace (a quadruple 1st dc., 3 br quadruple, tog., 8 ch, repeat 3 fs * 4 quadruple brides passed together (see the explanation of symbol), 8 ch, *, close round bet mc-second 4etour: continue work as shown in diagram and symbols that accompany it, cut the thread. continue work in hooking the outer edge and the inner edge of the grounds (see sections in purple on the diagram). Carré internal 1-7th round: attach the wire at the white arrow, 3 mesh replace air the 1st dc, then continue the work as shown in the diagram and symbols that accompany it. seventh Close round per 1 sl, and cut the thread. Sew the border on the tablecloth hidden points.


Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?е

crochet tips

How to work from our symbols

Our explanations include a visual explanation of a diagram consists of symbols showing each cell to perform the work to pick, position it in the place or around and exactly where it needs to be stitched compared to the previous row.

Thus, with these designs, you can see at a glance where you are in your work, track the progress of reason and compare your work.

To make a habit of this method, choose a simple structure and work with the copy of the lexicon open before you. If you want basic explanations or additional information, do not hesitate to write us know.

Large sample

The quality and weight of cotton recommended, and the number of hook shown are those used in the model can be photographed. However, different crocheteuses get different results because it depends on how they tighten or loosen them over. We can thus obtain significant differences. For the same size as our models, using the wire recommended, make a sample and compare it to the one given in most models. The dimensions of the structures and samples are given for a book starched: measure your work by stretching up. If you don not get it the same size as the template, use a hook larger or smaller Once your work is finished, even if it seems curl, stretch and going with a board and pins respecting the balance between the different sections of the book or pattern parts.

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?е

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?е4 quads passed flanges together: to 4 quads br. incomplete (leave the last loop on hook). Flow loops in the last 5 1 fs

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?еmulti-brides passed all: do * 2 br, 1 double br. * 2 dc and incomplete. Flow past 6 loops 1 fs

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?еPast two brides together: make 2 br. incomplete (leave the last loop on hook). Drain the last 3 loops fs

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?еQuintuple two brides together elapsed: 2 to quintuple br. incomplete (leave the last loop on hook). Through all 3 loops last 1 fs

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?е6 double brides passed all: do 3 double br. incomplete stitched in the same m., 3 double br. incomplete pitted 1 other m. Flow loops in the last 7 1 fs

Delicate Crochet Lace Rosac?еPattern: 4 ch, make 2 double br. incomplete stitched in m., 2 double br. incomplete stitched gifts 1 other m. Flow loops in the last 5 1 fs, 4 ch